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Updated: Jan 30

Sitka, Alaska, nestled between towering mountains and pristine waters, is a paradise for anglers seeking a thrilling fishing experience. From the coveted King Salmon to the elusive Black Cod, Sitka offers an angler's dream. Let's dive into the excitement of targeting each species, making it a must-add to your fishing bucket list.

1. King Salmon: The Royal Pursuit

The King Salmon, also known as Chinook, is the crowned jewel of Alaskan fishing. Renowned for their size and strength, these majestic fish provide an adrenaline-pumping battle. Imagine the thrill as your rod bends under the weight of a King Salmon, challenging your skills and stamina. Catching one of these prized trophies is an achievement every angler aspires to, making it a top-notch addition to your fishing escapades.

2. Coho Salmon: The Silver Bullet

Coho Salmon, or Silver Salmon, grace Sitka's waters with their acrobatic displays and spirited fights. Known for their aggressive strikes and remarkable jumps, the Coho provides an exhilarating experience for anglers. Hooking into one of these energetic silver bullets promises an adrenaline rush and an unforgettable fishing memory. Coho Salmon should undoubtedly find a place on every angler's bucket list for their sheer thrill factor.

3. Halibut: The Flatfish Giant

Venture into the depths for the colossal Halibut, a species that commands respect in the Alaskan fishing scene. Known for their size and delicious taste, Halibut can be a challenging yet rewarding catch. The sheer strength required to reel in these flatfish giants adds an element of excitement to the fishing adventure. Picture the anticipation as you wait for a Halibut to bite, knowing that you might land a record-breaking fish in the process. The 2024 Halibut size has been announced to be one per person 40" or less or 80" or longer Feb 1 - July 14, and 1 halibut per person 36" or less or 80" or longer starting July 15. Friday closures for halibut begin July 19.

4. Rockfish: The Underwater Marvels

Sitka's waters are teeming with various Rockfish species, each a vibrant display of underwater beauty. In Sitka, we are allowed to keep pelagic rockfish, which includes the feisty Black Rockfish. The challenge lies in seeing who can pull in their 3-rockfish limit first as they tend to be opportunistic biters and are often found in schools.

5. Ling Cod: The Ambush Predator

Ling Cod, with their distinct appearance and predatory nature, add a sense of prehistoric awe to Sitka's fishing landscape. These ambush predators lurk in the rocky crevices, making every catch a strategic endeavor. Engaging in a battle with a Ling Cod provides an exciting twist to your fishing escapade. The satisfaction of outsmarting these elusive predators is an experience every angler should savor. Sitka has had a long-time slot limit of 30-35 inches, making this species especially hard to target but extra rewarding when we do.

6. Black Cod: The Deep-Sea Enigma

Exploring the depths of Sitka's waters unveils the mysterious Black Cod, also known as Sablefish. With their rich, buttery flavor and deep-sea habitat, Black Cod offer a unique challenge for deep-sea enthusiasts. Reeling in one of these enigmatic creatures requires patience and precision, adding a layer of excitement to your fishing expedition. Black Cod is a hidden gem in Sitka's diverse fishery, deserving a spot on any angler's bucket list for its distinctive appeal. Due to the need to go an additional 20 miles from our typical fishing grounds, we typically only target black cod on the calmest of days.

In conclusion, Sitka, Alaska, beckons avid anglers with a cornucopia of fishing opportunities. From the regal King Salmon to the tasty Halibut, each species offers a unique and thrilling experience. Make Sitka your next fishing destination, and let the waters unveil the excitement of the variety of these top-tier species, creating memories that will last a lifetime.


Captain Riley: (360) 556-8656

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